Our school is an integrated school teaching both the secular curriculum and the Islamic syllabus. Therefore, we don’t just see our students as children who are with us for a season. We intentionally aim to positively influence their attitude for the rest of their lives. Our current and past students exemplify the best combination of individuals who love Allah, our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), our religion of Islam and have the best of manners in their interactions.   


A Home not a School

When you trust us with your children, they don’t just join a school. They come to a home where they will create treasured memories for the rest of their lives. They will be among fellow sisters and brothers in Islam.

We are proudly Muslim and it shows!

Our school is founded on Islamic teachings and values. We don’t compromise on promoting the beauty of Islam. We guide our students by instilling the love of Allah in all aspects of their lives. We provide a warm, welcoming and conducive environment for them to practice Islam. Our school uniforms promote modesty, our prayer facilities including the nearby Masjid Nur provide the necessary environment for our students to appreciate the centrality of prayer in a Muslim’s life. We constantly remind our students that they can achieve their highest potential in life while proudly show casing the banner of Islam.

Sports day pose with teachers

Student Activities

Our students are an active lot! We don’t entertain lethargy or laziness. Our school calendar is busy and active all year round. We have sports days with in house competitions, clubs’ activities, Academic symposiums and Islamic events including the Quran competition, the Deen Explorer among other Halaqats. We keep our students busy and engaged with fun Islamic activities.
We don’t keep our students in a bubble. We expose them to the realities around them academically and socially.

We take them on school trips and excursions so that they are able to connect the teachings of Islam in the Quran and the world around them. We provoke their curiosity to choose careers that will benefit the Islamic Ummah specifically and humanity in general.

Our students also participate in community service and welfare activities to build the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood in Islam and also for our students to be sensitized on how Allah has blessed them. Community clean ups, visits to orphanages are a good place to start.

Student Welfare

We know that our students are at a very active age with lots of energy and appetite! So, we provide a healthy diet to promote their physical wellness. We also look out for their social, psychological and emotional wellness. We have a school nurse with school counselors available on need basis.

We host career guidance days with our successful alumni coming to share their life experiences as well as successful Muslim professionals. Academic days with parents’ participation ensures our teachers and parents have a common understanding of how best to support our students to succeed.  

Lastly, we allow student leadership to thrive by students having the freedom to choose their own representatives through fair and open elections.

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