The NMA Early Years of Education section offers a unique blend of Islamic studies integrated with secular subjects in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). This enables every learner to achieve the 21st century skills and core competencies to become an engaged, empowered and ethical citizen. The section caters for learners in age groups 3 to 9 years which are the play group (reception class) to Grade 3. The section is enriched with child friendly facilities to make learning fun. Learners enjoy a warm and loving relationship with teachers to make school a home away from home. Our aim is to develop learners who are creative, independent thinkers, confident and successful Muslim change makers.
Happy learners during a graduation

The Staff

The NMA EYE section comprises of teachers who are trained in handling learners of different age groups from 3- 9 years to impact everything from their classroom learning to their long-term success. Our teachers have a passion for teaching and their teaching methodologies engage learners with different learning styles. Our teaching staff has an in-depth understanding of the curriculum and focus on collaboration to impart values to mold learners who are creative, independent thinkers, confident and successful Muslim change makers in the society. The Support staff of the section have love for young children. They are patient and show empathy to young children so the learners are comfortable and feel secure around them.


The school follows the Kenya National Curriculum while integrating it with the Kenya Certificate of Intermediate Madrasa Curriculum. We as NMA Early Years of Education take a unique approach to teaching and learning where our lessons are majorly learner centered and hands on. The school offers modern classrooms which are spacious and friendly for learning to create rich learning opportunities for young learners.

Awareness to encourage recycling

The Early Years Educational activities comprises of:

Play Group to PP2

Grade 1 - Grade 3

Child centred learning - Planting kitchen gardens

What Makes NMA Early Years of Education unique in educating your Child?

In the NMA EYE section we prioritize creativity, and self-directed learning to mold young creative thinkers who are problem solvers who will be successful Muslims in steering positive change in the community. With world class facilities in terms of large classrooms, library, a computer lab, art rooms and fully equipped play areas our learners are able to engage in self-directed learning through inquiry-based approach to create a culture of excellence in the school. Our approach in education not only develops learners spiritually and socially but also appreciates the source of Knowledge as ISLAM. Our system in NMA incorporates secular education and Islamic curriculum which makes NMA the best choice for Muslim children. We work on incorporating Islamic values at an early age as they learn the Seerah and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as the best role model. We also go hand in hand with the requirement of the CBC to impart values and core competencies outlined in the curriculum. The competencies are communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, imagination and creativity, citizenship, learning to learn, self-efficacy and digital literacy

Extra Curriculum Activities

Cookery Club making Eggs b
NMA Early Years Education offers a broad range of Clubs and activities to enable the learners build good social habits which develop and nature skills, talents and boost creativity and confidence in our learners as we prepare them to fit in school and home society. The Clubs in the school are: Scouts, Environmental Club, Cookery Club, Public Speaking and Art Club
In NMA Early Years Education, we offer sports to learners of all ages. The school has a 25m by 10m swimming pool, a standard size soccer pitch, a volley ball court and basketball pitch. The school also has a kids’ play area which is equipped with child friendly slides and play tools.
Community Activities - Cleaning activity at the market
Community Service activities
Our learners benefit greatly from both academics and volunteering their time to make the community a better place. They participate in giving back to the society by donating their toys, clothes, shoes and books to children who are less fortunate. They also participate in making the environment around the school clean by collecting litter and teaching people about environmental cleanliness.
Spelling Bee Competition
Other Co-curricular Activities
In this section are Spelling Bees, Graduation of pupils from Pre-school to Lower primary onto Middle school and School trips to break the monotony of classroom learning.

Student Wellness, Safety & Protection

Facilities - Great Food - Chicken


The school provides snacks and hot drinks during break time daily to all the learners. We also provide delicious meals that are healthy and balanced. If any child requires a special diet the school allows the parents to prepare packed lunch. The school also has a spacious dining hall with a modern kitchen facility.
Facilities - School Clinic

In house Counsellor

We have a qualified educational therapist in the school who has experience of working with learners of all ages.

First Aid

The school has equipped first aid areas where incases of injury learners are attended to by a trained first aider. In cases where the injuries are severe, there is a stand by minivan to take learners to the hospital facility which is in the school’s proximity.

Patriotic activities to mark National Days

Peer Talking

Every Friday, learners are given a platform for peer talking. These are interactive sessions to guide learners in solving problems faced on a day-to-day basis. Apart from peer talking, learners are offered guidance to cater for emerging issues. Our teachers are trained to give learners a listening ear and are supportive in managing the issues they raise.

School Leadership

In the NMA Early Years Education, the learners exercise their democratic right to vote for their class governors and deputy governors, who are their roles so as to influence, motivate and guide other learners towards achieving the school objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions on Early Child Education

It’s located in SOUTH C, Nairobi, along Muhoho Avenue next to Masjid Nur

The classes are spacious with an average of 35 learners

NMA follows and enjoys the stability of the Kenyan Curriculum. It teaches the Competency based Curriculum (CBC) and integrates it with the Kenya Certificate of Intermediate Madrasa Curriculum

The admission age to our reception / playgroup class is age three in the year of enrolment.

Pupils are admitted to:

 Pre – primary 1 (PP1) – age four

 Pre – Primary 2 (PP2) – age five

Grade one – age six

Grade two – age seven

Grade three – age eight – nine

The NMA EYE department has teachers who are highly qualified in handling learners of varied age groups. They have in-depth understanding of the curriculum.

The Islamic syllabus is taught by qualified Islamiat teachers who within the day, the teachers interchange between the secular and Islamic subjects. Our aim in the early years is to teach the basic tenets of Islam to impart the values, morals and religious skills.

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