Middle School offers a different and super program of its own, starting from Islamiaat (Islamic Studies) to Secular studies. Our pupils are quite amazing and well developed in Islamically teachings and they are also able to give solutions to day-to-day problems that are affecting them. This is achieved through the blended curriculum we are offering with the CBC core competencies without forgetting the Islamic perspective which makes our pupils to be morally upright by adhering to Islamic principles.

At NMA, we strive to be the leading glow in the locality and country as a whole. We believe in providing education that will make our children different and salient in the society. The principal goal of education in our schools is to bring up Muslim men and women who are creative, innovative and problem solvers.

Our Middle school pupils enjoy a serene learning environment with good loving and caring teachers who have amazing rapport that make them always have NMA at heart. Our learning activities are children centered that enable them develop self-awareness, confidence and independence.




The Middle School boasts of competent and experienced teachers who handle the secular and Islamic subjects. There is a total of 20 teachers who are CBC trained who handle the secular subjects. We have 12 teachers handling the Islamic subjects.

We have 6 non- teaching staff, 4 cleaners and two cooks who ensure everything in their respective working areas is meticulous. We have grounds staff who ensure our play ground is ever green and free from any objects that could hurt pupils during play time.

Our teachers are wonderful with children. They use 21st century modes of teaching blended with super methodologies of teaching and learning. They do ensure our pupils participate fully in class by making lessons learner centered and hands on. Middle school teachers train our pupils to be aware of the presence of Allah S.W.T in their lives. The teachers nurture values in our pupils and make them practice these values in their daily life.

Our staff do ensure our children see NMA as a home away from home.


We involve learners in exciting games fixtures and sporting activities held every term. Each learner is given a chance to represent their respective houses in various sporting activities. We have self-evaluating activities which include Football, Netball, Basketball, Track events and Field events. All this is made possible because we have a sports facility and relevant equipment for all sporting activities staged. We boast of a state-of-the-art swimming pool and experienced swimming trainers who have made it possible to have swimming as both a learning and sporting activity.

We have various Clubs: Scouting, Public speaking, Home Science, Environmental and Art Clubs which enable learners to harness their potential in various areas away from class. We have termly field trips and excursions where learners are taken to different places to have a first-hand experience of what they have learnt in class. It also breaks the daily routine hence making learning enjoyable and interesting.

Student Support System - Self Awareness and Empowerment


We hold students’ well-being in and away from school in very high regard. It is for this reason that we have put up several measures to ensure that our pupils are safe at all times. In accordance with the Ministry of Health’s regulations, we have:

1. Several water points within the school to ensure proper hygiene
2. Spacious and well-ventilated classes
3. Emphasis on regular hand washing and respiratory etiquette

We have integrated basic first aid lessons to equip learners with basic first aid skills. We have an outlined safety protocol; girls and boys use different stair cases during their movement.  This helps in avoiding stampede and is in accordance with the Islamic values.

The school provides healthy and well-balanced meals. We offer safe transport for learners ensuring they get to school safe and go back in the evening without any hitch. We have a trained basic first aid teacher who attends to learners before they are taken to the hospital, if need be. Our administrators embrace an open communication policy which ensures learners and parents are aware of what happens in and outside school as far as health and safety is concern.


Being an integrated school, our curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant to all learners. All learning and developmental areas are interconnected to cater for the pupils intellectual and spiritual development. Our Middle School curriculum has in its heart the development of core literacy and mathematical skills that are transferable in other learning contexts alongside developing confident, active, assertive, self-driven and resourceful pupils.

The teaching and non-teaching staff are dedicated to providing the best environment for every pupil to learn and develop. The support of parents and the community is recognized as integral for teaching and learning to take place. The triangle of teachers, parents and pupils is strengthened by open communication. The teaching and learning programs are integrated with religious and various learning activities like the Spelling Bee, Quran Reciting Competition and Academic Symposium which make learning interesting and enjoyable. Being a purely Muslim school, we recognize the role of the Arabic language in bringing up a bilingual individual and the need to read, memorize and recite the Quran. It’s for this reason that Arabic is a compulsory subject that is examinable at all levels and is tested in the final Islamic examination at grade 6 and class 7.

We give each learner a chance and time to learn and grow at their own pace in a happy and conducive environment. This ensures that all learners with different learning abilities are accommodated at all learning levels. Integration of Islamic and secular studies is aimed developing students who are well equipped with social, behavioral and intellectual needs that makes them an asset to their families, friends and the community. We believe in hard work and being honest. For this reason, we work as a team to ensure that results earned by each pupil are a true reflection of what our vision and mission stand in for.

We guarantee a smooth transition for learners from other schools from the British system to the Kenyan system through gradual introduction of new learning experiences. Our learners get daily adequate assignments aimed at assessing their capability in all learning and examinable areas. We conduct academic clinics which are a major X-RAY in the education system. This brings together the learner-teacher-parent triangle and each gets to assess their contribution to the learning process to the pupil who is the centre of focus.


We are an inspired institution founded and built on Islamic faith and values.
We are one of the best institutions in Kenya offering an integrated system that is recognized far and wide. We deliver best practices from all corners of the globe to ensure learning is first class


We are an integrated school offering the 8-4-4, Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and Islamic studies curriculums co-currently. Our curriculum is designed to foster thought, curiosity and a desire for learning in all pupils, regardless of their background, strengths and needs. Our curriculum is a gateway to opportunity, spiritual growth in our Muslim faith and a vibrant knowledge-based community in and outside Kenya.

The syllabus begins right from the early years. Learners are taken through the 6 subjects that are broken down to suit the different levels of learning. In grade six, the learners sit for a final Islamic National exam that is ranked nationwide. Last year, we had one of our pupils emerging as the best nationally.

We boast of spacious, well lit and ventilated classrooms which are designed in line with the ministry of Education guidelines for CBC facilitation and implementation. The ratio of classes to that of the pupils is averagely 1:30. We have separate classes for boys and girls. The classes have modern lockers and seats that make learning easy since the pupils are comfortable. Each pupil has a lockable inflammable cabin for keeping their books and any other learning materials safe.

We have qualified and experienced teachers who meet the requirements of the state to be registered as teachers. All teachers have a minimum qualification of diploma in education. The team tasked with the employment of teachers selects the best because we have to give the best to our children.

We have an enrolment of averagely 350 pupils in the middle section. We anticipate to receive even more pupils at the beginning of the new academic year.

The school admits both boys and girls from all over the world. We believe in every child and for this reason, we give an equal opportunity to every child who wishes to join us. We have interviews conducted at the beginning of every academic term for grade 4 and 5 pupils. Those who qualify have an automatic placement in the intended class.

Over the years, we have proven to be a giant among our competitors in national examinations. We have recorded very impressive results with majority of our boys and girls joining renowned national schools. We always have a 100% transition to form one for all our pupils since they attain the right marks to join schools of their choice. We have our first CBC candidate class and we have hope that the will do us proud.

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