We are an integrated school offering the 8-4-4, Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and Islamic studies curriculums co-currently. The school follows the Kenya National Curriculum while integrating it with the Kenya Certificate of Intermediate Madrasa Curriculum.

Our curriculum is a gateway to opportunity, spiritual growth in our Muslim faith and a vibrant knowledge-based community in and outside Kenya.

Being an integrated school, our curriculum is broad, balanced and relevant to all learners. All learning and developmental areas are interconnected to cater for the pupils intellectual and spiritual development.



The Islamic syllabus is taught by qualified Islamiat teachers who interchange between the secular and Islamic subjects. Our aim in the early years is to teach the basic tenets of Islam to impart the values, morals and religious skills.

Learners are taken through the 6 subjects that are broken down to suit the different levels of learning. In grade six, the learners sit for a final Islamic National exam that is ranked nationwide.

Our aim is to produce well-educated students with good Muslim character.

This is achieved through a strong Da’wah system that involves student leadership and teachers. Students are taught the Quran and provided with Islamic guidance on topical as well as contemporary issues.

In addition, we also have a variety of Islamic programs. Among them is the Quran which is taught by specialized Quran teachers. On completion of their study period our students normally graduate from the Quran sessions.

We also have Halaqats which are normally student-centered aimed at covering Quran, Hadith and Fiqh. The books studied in these Halaqats include Riyadhul Saliheen, Bulughul Maram and Kitabul Dhikr.


We also have Islamic lectures which are always facilitated by female Islamic-oriented teachers every Saturday and Sunday to teach our students Fiqh and Seerah. This has helped increase students’ knowledge base not only in tackling many issues in today’s world but also in their academics, especially in Islamic Religious Education (IRE).

We also have Tarbia which entails character development. We aim at instilling good morals in the students and building on their thoughts, organizing and controlling their conduct and emotions according to the Deen of Allah. This is to enable them to achieve the goal of Islam in the life of every student, that is too please Allah (SWT), The Creator.

We also organize the Deen Explorer which has greatly helped in instilling Islamic values and imparted knowledge amongst our students. This is actually one of our best events in school as students participate in a Trivia session, an inter-house competition to test them on their general knowledge of Islam as well as current affairs.

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